Tuesday, June 14, 2011



The dog grew up.

So what?

Corgis being cute.

Dammit that Corgi isn't really a hotdog.

Stop winking at me and hunt some small mammals like you were bred to Corgi.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Speech Patterns

I found out the other day that I tend to use different speech patterns when I have been watching or reading certain things.

I don't seem to have a set speech pattern at all.

I wonder if everyone does this.

In any case if the way you speech can be influenced so easily by outside stimulus then it's probably not very important.


I like the mood music puts me it but I don't really care that much about it.

I mean I don't think I ever paid for a full price CD or anything.

I have never even bought music online or stole any music online.

Doesn't not really caring about music make me a psychopath or something?

My brother used to fall asleep listening to Metallica every night for 2 years when I shared a room with him.

Maybe that is why I kinda block it all out.

Music. Turn it off. Turn it up. Who cares. I didn't even notice anything was playing.


Don't we have the technology to put them in some sort of cocoon state until they become proper adults?

Kids? Whatever.

Portable Devices and Laptops.

Honestly I never understood this.

You can buy a more powerful desktop computer.

There is no reason to have a portable computer.

I don't give a shit what your deal is.

If you are homeless then you should probably sell your computer for food or rent money and work on getting job.

This is why America has public libraries.

I used a public library to get a job when I was living out of my car.

So yeah. Those things are pointless.


I never got hugged as a kid because my parents didn't like me.

So it's always socially awkward when someone wants to hug me.

Like there was this one hot blonde girl in college who hugged me once and I thought it was a just a friend thing so I didn't make any moves. Plus I thought she was still dating someone else but she wasn't.

Later on she started to date a guy who was uglier and more out of shape than me. I got the distinct feeling that I might have had a shot with her if I had hugged back or something? I dunno.

Just awhile ago a really awesome roller derby person hugged me when I congratulated her on starting the roller derby league.

It was nothing but I kinda wish she didn't.

With limited human contact for so many years it's really awkward and I was holding a camera tripod too.

So yeah. Honestly it's too late for all that crap.

Don't hug me.